made in denmark

The Nordic Fan Company

At Nordic Fan Company we believe it’s possible to combine human comfort and well-being with energy reductions and sustainability. We help our customers lower their energy consumption, reduce their carbon footprint and substantially improve human comfort levels in their facilities.

People and culture are our greatest assets

When you think about the best work experiences and memories you have – they typically involve something you did or achieved together with other people. Colleagues, customers or vendors with whom you shared wins and losses – or just had great fun with.

At the Nordic Fan Company, we firmly believe that people and company culture are the two greatest assets we have. It is the combination of the two that generates new ideas, solves problems, brings new products to the market and drives us forward.

We care deeply about maintaining our culture and attracting people and partners that share the same basic belief and desire to make a difference. For each other. For the company. And for the planet.