Hedensted Centret opnår energibesparelser i stor hal

Energy Savings and lower CO2 emissions in large Sports Facility

Worth knowing about our HVLS fans in the Hedensted Centre

  • 2 HVLS fans from the Nordic Fan Company installed
  • Both are 4.5 meters in diameter
  • Installed in the spring of 2020
  • Used in a large sports facility of 1100 m2 and 10 meters to the ceiling
  • Noise-free in motion
  • Pushes the ceiling heat down and thereby reduces the heat consumption
  • Reduces the sports facility’s CO2 emissions

About the Hedensted Centre

The Hedensted Centre is one of Denmark’s leading indoor sports facilities with 3 sports halls, a swimming pool, cafe, health center as well as a fitness center focused on personal training, physical therapy and massage. Throughout, a large emphasis is placed on sustainability, and making sure there’s a lot of effort put into supporting the UN’s Global Goals. Such efforts include being certified as a ‘Green Sports Facility’, and only investing in assets that are proven to be friendly for the environment.

“At the Hedensted Center, much like the rest of Hedensted Municipality, we are very focused on reducing our carbon footprint and supporting the transition to a sustainable economy. Among other things, we work with the UN’s sustainable development goals, and one of the ways we can make a difference is by focusing on sustainable energy. “

– Peter Nielsen, Center Manager


The Hedensted Centre is riding the wave of climate-friendliness and has now invested in 2 HVLS fans from Nordic Fan Company. The large fans ensure the equalisation of temperature across the Centre’s sports hall so that heat is better utilised in the winter.

The indoor sports arena is heated with natural gas and the annual CO2 savings, calculated in collaboration with EWII Energy Consultants, will be 11.6 tonnes. For the sake of comparison, according to research done by The University of Copenhagen, it would require a forest consisting of 6,000 trees to absorb the same amount of CO2 in a year.

This leaves Center Manager, Peter Nielsen, as an enthusiastic man, as the fans are yet another climate-friendly addition to his building.

Hedensted Centret opnår energibesparelser i stor hal

Wanted to lower CO2 emissions and support the transition towards a greener economy

“It was quite easy for us to decide to install the two large HVLS fans. We judge all asset acquisitions on whether they help improve the users’ experience of the indoor climate and, in concrete terms, whether they help to reduce our annual CO2 emissions. As these conditions were met, it made a lot of sense to us, especially given the fact that there is a really good payback period involved as well. All in all, this means that all our wishes were granted, making it a win-win solution for all parties involved — The centre, the municipality as a whole, and the climate.” – Peter Nielsen, Center Manager

Nordic Fan Company says..

“There are 1,320 sports halls in Denmark of 800m2 and above. Our HVLS fans, which we produce here in Denmark, are designed to optimise energy consumption and efficiency in such halls and thus significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Imagine, for example, that we installed two NORDIC HVLS fans in all these large sports halls, then we would reduce the annual CO2 emissions by more than 7,000 tons. That figure may be hard to comprehend, but in comparison, you would need a forest of more than 3 million trees to absorb the same amount of CO2 in a year. So these are massive potential savings benefitting both the climate as well as the individual sports facilities.” – Dennis Thomsen, Managing Director at Nordic Fan Company.

Do you want to reduce your energy spending and improve your indoor climate?