Lintex found an efficient heating solution

Worth knowing about Lintex’ fans

  • 2 NORDIC™ HVLS fans are installed
  • Both fans are 3 meters in diameter
  • The first was installed in March, the second in May 2019
  • Used in a warehouse with a ceiling height of 5m
  • Fan operations are silent
  • Chosen as a supplement to existing heating system – to make it more effective
  • The solution was recommended by the installation company Trap+
I honestly did not expect it to do what it does. It runs at a low speed, but still it moves a lot of air around.”

– Henrik Lillelund, Partner/Product Director at Lintex A/S

About Lintex

Lintex was founded in 1983 by Carl Af Ekenstam in Sweden. Lintex collaborates with leading architects and interior designers and is one of the largest players in the North European market for glass panels, whiteboards, writing boards, wall panels and screen walls.

Lintex operates internationally and has its primary markets in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany and the United Kingdom. In 2008, Lintex A/S was founded in Denmark by Bo Harpsøe and Henrik Lillelund. 

Started with one – extended to two

Despite their unit heaters (heat blowers) running around the clock, Lintex had challenges in distributing the heat in their warehouse. Especially the winter season was a challenge for employees who were freezing in the warehouse, despite the constant heating (placed at ceiling level). Lintex therefore sought an efficient heating solution that could improve their indoor climate during winter. As a result of this, they were recommended HVLS ceiling fans by their installation company Trap+.

Trap+ explained to Lintex that an HVLS ceiling fan could solve their heating problems. How? By slowly circulating the air and thereby pushing heat down from ceiling level towards ground level in their two warehouse sections. In other words, there was no need to invest in a new heating system. They could simply optimise their existing system by combining it with a really large fan. A solution that Partner/Product Director, Henrik Lillelund, almost thought was too good to be true.

In March Lintex decided to install a NORDIC™ ceiling fan in one of the two sections of their warehouse to test the solution. Right from the beginning, they could feel a difference and according to Henrik, the enthusiasm even came as a surprise: “I honestly did not expect it to do what it does. It runs at a low speed, but still it moves a lot of air around.”

And Henrik wasn’t the only one. The NORDIC™ ceiling fan received great feedback from employees and in May (after testing the first fan a couple of months), Lintex decided to install a fan in the second section of their warehouse as well. The two large fans helped optimise the warehouse’s heating system and improved the indoor climate for the employees.

Lintex reducerer varmeforbrug med store HVLS fans/Lintex reduces heat consumption with large HVLS fans
Lej-en-fan tilfredse kunder

Efficient heating despite a high ceiling 

Like many other companies, Lintex experienced the classic challenge of distributing their heat in the colder months. The heating of Lintex’ warehouse is accomplished by using unit heaters (heat blowers), mounted near the ceiling. On the other hand, the thermostats that control the heating output (by detecting the temperature in the warehouse) are placed at desk height. And since hot air rises, the thermostats rarely measured high temperatures, as much of the heat was trapped right below the ceiling. Their heat blowers practically ran 24/7 during the cold season, which meant a large energy consumption with great room for improvement. In short, a more efficient heating solution was needed.

Less than an hour after the first fan was installed, the difference could be felt in this section of the warehouse. How? The heaters stopped. The heat had been circulated in the room and pushed down where it benefited the employees (and could be detected by the thermostats).

In addition, the fan also solved the problem of annoying background noise from the heat blowers. One of the employees, Jette Harpsøe, is thrilled that she now has the opportunity to actually hear the radio. She adds: “I don’t even notice the fans running. And I would rather have the fans run non-stop, so that we can hear the music out here, than just having the heaters make noise in the background.”

Lintex reducerer varmeforbrug med NORDIC HVLS fans/Lintex reduces heat consumption with NORDIC HVLS fans
“The advantage is that the fans can circulate the air during the summer and make sure that we get all our heat distributed in the room during the winter. It has made the difference that we now have a constant temperature in the room and a nice, warm indoor climate.”  

– Henrik Lillelund, Partner/Product Director at Lintex A/S

Better indoor climate
– from cold to comfortable

“Can I get a snowsuit? It is really cold!” Jette said with a smile on her face. She previously thought the winter period was tough to get through because it was so cold in the warehouse. But with their new HVLS ceiling fans, Jette no longer wants a snowsuit. In general, the installed fans have created a positive atmosphere among the employees, who clearly feel, that they improve the indoor climate. In addition to increased employee satisfaction in the winter, the new fans have contributed to better utilisation of the heat, thus ensuring energy savings and lower carbon emissions.

Do you want to optimise your heating system too?